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Tea Sanctuary

“Tea Sanctuary” Bungalows are owned & managed by Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Co. Pvt. Ltd., Munnar. These Heritage Bungalows, some more than a century old offer the guests the experience of reliving the lifestyles of the pioneer planters. The Bungalows are located within the biosphere reserves of the Western Ghats in the High Ranges, Munnar and are situated at altitudes between 4000 feet and 7000 feet. Tea plantations, with the first tea planted in 1878, carpet the rolling hills interspersed with Sholas (Cloud Forests) and teeming with exotic Fauna & Flora, including the Giant Fern.  The breathtaking views from these Bungalows are both stunning & surreal. Wake up to the call of wild Fowl, Malabar Thrush & Barking Deer and be prepared to sight Indian Gaur, Elephants, Malabar Squirrels & even Leopards.  Enjoy the pristine surroundings while sipping garden fresh tea in God’s Own Country.

Golf & fishing can be arranged for those who are keen and Golf set/Fishing equipment should be carried by the visitors.

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