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t-soft, is an ERP solution specially designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of tea plantations. It is an end-to-end software solution that will meet the complete software requirements of a tea Plantations. Once t-soft is implemented in your company, you do not require any other application to meet any of your software requirements. (You can see the product brochure and Demo Videos in this site for more information about t-soft)

t-soft covers all the functional areas of a tea plantation. Information once captured in t-soft is made readily available for other related modules. This ensures that the data management is well controlled and consistency of data is maintained across the application. It avoids scope for manual errors and maintains high accuracy of data, avoids duplicate work, provides instant data availability; avoids wastage of time on reconciliation of data which is a major challenge in plantations during the month end.

t-soft brings in standardization in practices across the organization. MIS reports are made readily available any time. t-soft generates automated email and SMS alerts to the Management on critical information’s and deviations. t-soft is designed to be scalable with ease, high performance and any enhancements are easy to integrate. It readily integrates with portable devices.

t-soft is the first known browser based ERP software for plantations developed by a Plantation Company successfully in 2010, and KDHP is proud of that achievement. It works over the internet, it is very user friendly and easily manageable. All modules are closely integrated and the access to information is well controlled by roles and authorizations.

t-soft is field tested ERP Solution, running successfully since 2010 in the largest Tea plantations in South India, i.e. in Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company in Munnar. KDHP has and still continues to invest regularly in t-soft to build new features to make it compatible with the changes happening in the business environments and technology front, so that, it meets KDHP’s needs and adds value to t-soft as a product. KDHP is now aggressively marketing t-soft to other plantation companies.

t-soft is supported with Mobile Application which runs on portable devices. This enables to capture data from the field instantly and transmits to t-soft server immediately. In case of places where there is no Internet connection, the data captured will be synchronized with server immediately when the device is made online.

KDHP is well equipped with required technical and domain expertise to support t-soft implementation to any plantations. The entire IT team has an average Plantation Domain Experience of 25+ years in addition to our vast experience in plantations over several decades, which gives us the advantage of understanding the problems of plantations and come out with appropriate solutions quickly compared to any other software service providers. Our solutions are first tested and implemented in KDHP, before it reaches to other plantations there by assuring that it is a proven solution.

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