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Tea Bungalows

Tea Sanctuary, Munnar, is owned & managed by Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Co. Pvt. Ltd. Set amidst the verdant hills of Munnar, Kanan Devan Tea Sanctuary bungalows are a part of the erstwhile heritage plantation bungalows, some more than a century old. They were originally built for British Tea Estate Managers during the times of the Raj at 4,500 ft. and above. These bungalows provide visitors with spectacular views of the surrounding hills and offer them the opportunity to capture the essence of lifestyles of those planter’s who lived here more than 140 years ago, since the first tea was planted in 1878. Perched at such a high altitude, everything at Tea Sanctuary Bungalows appears stunning and surreal – from the green canopy of the tea plantations, the chirping of birds, cascading waterfalls and exotic flora & fauna of the Kanan Devan Hills in the Western Ghats. Gods Own Country.