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Nyamakad Estate

Nyamakad Tea Estate is located in the western end of the High Ranges (Kanan Devan Hills) of the Southern Western Ghats in the Devikulam Taluk of Idukki district, Kerala State between 10º N Latitude and 77º E Longitude. The estate has a total extent of 3710 Ha. and comprises of the Nyamakad, Rajamallay, Kanniamallay and Kadalaar sections. The estate has 1070 Ha. under tea and 1030.11 Ha. of energy plantations.

Location coordinates
  • Latitude : N 10º 09.480'
  • Longitude : E 077º12.572'
  • Elevation :Feet above Mean Sea Level
  • Certifications :Rainforest Alliance, ETP