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Nullatanni Estate

Nullatanni Section itself is a combination of 2 erstwhile estates, namely Nullatanni and Nadiar. During the early 1970’s these two estates were amalgamated into one estate. Nullatanni Sections alone comprise of 498.9 Ha. of tea and 263.49 Ha. of fuel area, i.e., a total of 762.4 Ha. Nullatanni derived its name long ago when the land in these areas was being cleared for tea planting, the ‘Kanganees’ (Supervisors), along with the workers used to rest here and have their food over here as they felt that the water in these areas was very good, hence the name “Nullatanni”, which literally means Good Water (‘nalla’ meaning good and ‘thanni’ meaning water)!

Location coordinates
  • Latitude : N 10º 05.803'
  • Longitude : E 077º01.970'
  • Elevation :5025 Feet above Mean Sea Level
  • Certifications :Rainforest Alliance, ETP