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Madupatty Estate

Madupatty Estate comprises of the erstwhile Madupatty, Chokanad and Grahamsland Estates, which was amalgamated in the years 2004/05 & 2005/06 respectively. It is surrounded by Gundumallay, Guderale, Letchmi and Nullatanni estates. The name of this estate originated from the word ‘village of cattle’ (madu meaning cattle and patty meaning village). Another story on its origin is that the present Madupatty Reservoir used to be abundant with wild Indian Gaur before the dam was constructed. This estate comprises of nine Divisions in total and two Factories, one being Madupatty Factory and the other Chokanad Factory.

Location coordinates
  • Latitude : N09° 59.938'
  • Longitude : E077° 09.902'
  • Elevation :5336 Feet above Mean Sea Level
  • Certifications :Rainforest Alliance, ETP