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Gundumally Estate

The name “Gundu” means Round and “Mallay” means mountain, and this Estate’s name has been derived from the presence of a round rock-mountain in Field No. 22 of Upper Division. Earlier, this Estate constituted three Divisions, namely Upper, Lower and Kadugmudi, while Sothupari (the name derived due to the presence of a rock or “parai” where workers earlier had their food or “Sor” while coming from Talliar) constituted the remaining three Divisions, viz Benmore,Top and New. Presently all have been clubbed together, along with Thenmallay (Lower, Factory and New) and Vagavurrai (Top, Lower, Bazaar, Factory, Navaal and Luckham) Sections to form Gundumallay Estate. The estate has tea fields that are located as high as 6576 ft above MSL.

Location coordinates
  • Latitude : N 10º 07.777'
  • Longitude : E 077º08.453'
  • Elevation :5812 Feet above Mean Sea Level
  • Certifications :Rainforest Alliance, ETP