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Guderale Estate

Located to the east of Munnar at an average elevation of about 5500 feet, the Guderale Estate is the second largest estate in KDHP Co Pvt Ltd. The estate comprises of 13 Divisions and has a total area of 3527 Ha., which includes an area of 1395 Ha. planted with tea. When KDHP Co Pvt Ltd took over the plantation business from Tata Tea Ltd, the erstwhile estates of Arivikad, Guderale and Devikulam were amalgamated and Guderale Estate, as we know it today was formed.The estate receives an average annual rainfall of 68 inches, and the total population on the estate is about eight thousand. Though the estate is spread out from Echo Point on the Top Station main road, at one end to Lockhart/Periakanal on the other end, it is contiguous in nature.

  • Latitude : N 10º 04.356'
  • Longitude : E 077º08.903'
  • Elevation :5297 Feet above Mean Sea Level
  • Certifications :Rainforest Alliance, ETP