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There is a misinformation campaign that is being carried against the company by vested interests even though the company is at the forefront in taking care of employee welfare and adhering to and providing amenities to its employees well beyond the statutes. The company is very proud of the fact that almost all employees are shareholders in the company. The company also employs children of its workers as managers in its plantations and children of management staff, staff and workers study together in the same school where the education for workers children is free.

For the year ended on 31st March 2015, the profit after taxes was Rs 5.02 crores as against Rs 15.55 crores in the previous year, a steep fall by 68% compared to the previous year which was mainly because of the sharp drop in tea prices last year. In view of the poor profits, the Statutory Bonus payable for the year was the minimum bonus of 8.33%. However, the Company had voluntarily and as a matter of goodwill, added another 1.67% to the Statutory Bonus and declared a bonus of 10% on 24th August 2015.  The company tried to distribute this bonus on 25th of August 2015, however majority of the workers did not accept it as their demand was 20%.