Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (P) Ltd.
  • Nullatanni

    Location Coordinates:
    Latitude : N 10 05.803'
    Longitude : E 07701.970'
    Elevation: 5025 Feet above Mean Sea Level
    Certifications: Rainforest Alliance, ETP

    Nullatanni Estate, a combination of 3 erstwhile estates, namely, Periavurrai, Kalaar, and Nullatanni is located in the western side of the High Ranges bordering Munnar town. The average altitude is around 5000 ft, and the estate receives medium to heavy rainfall during the monsoon months.

    Nullatanni Section itself is a combination of 2 erstwhile estates, namely Nullatanni and Nadiar. During the early 1970's these two estates were amalgamated into one estate. Nullatanni Sections alone comprise of 498.9 Ha. of tea and 263.49 Ha. of fuel area, i.e., a total of 762.4 Ha. Nullatanni derived its name long ago when the land in these areas was being cleared for tea planting, the ‘Kanganees’ (Supervisors), along with the workers used to rest here and have their food over here as they felt that the water in these areas was very good, hence the name “Nullatanni”, which literally means Good Water (‘nalla’ meaning good and ‘thanni’ meaning water)!

    Kalaar Section was an independent estate till 2004, when it was amalgamated with Nullatanni Estate. Kalaar, meaning ‘Stone River’, takes its name from the roaring river that rolls over a long rugged rock bed, is the source for many water springs. The original road from Alwaye to Munnar apparently traversed through Kalaar, which was however damaged beyond redemption during the floods of 1924. Probably Mother nature’s own way of preserving the rich flora and fauna of this beautiful tract of land from human settlements! On the western side of Kalaar lie the thick forests of Mankulam. It is stated that the existing tracts of forests are a very important green belt needed to maintain the ecological equilibrium of the region and the bio-rich Eravikulam national park. The annual rainfall received in these parts is one of the highest in the district, and as a matter of fact, in the whole country, with some records showing that in some years the rainfall in Kalaar has even crossed that of Cherrapunji! Kalaar sections comprise of 318 ha. of tea and 296.69 ha. of fuel area.

    Periavurrai Section was formerly an independent estate, and was amalgamated with Nullatanni Estate on 01st April 2005. Periavurrai also is a combination of two estates, namely Periavurrai and Sholamallay. Sholamallay Division itself was an independent estate until it was joined with Periavurraiand the Division gets its name from the fact that it consists of a lot of ‘shola’ (forest) areas. Periavurrai Section comprises of 532.59 Ha. of tea and 581.69 Ha. of fuel area.

    The estate is one of the most scenic and beautiful tea gardens in Munnar, and from certain locations one can get a beautiful view of the lush green carpets of tea draping the hills, and also a bird’s eye view of Munnar town. Wildlife sighting in these areas is quite common, and herds of Elephants, Bisons, Deer, and Wild Boar can be seen regularly. There have also been instances of ‘Tiger’ sighting over here! The people residing here have learnt to co-exist with the wildlife and both live harmoniously together!