Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (P) Ltd.
  • Management Structure

    To create a healthy, innovative, productive and fulfilling work environment the concept of employee ownership and participation in management - a first in the plantation sector is practiced in KDHP.

    To have closer association between all employees, a formalized Participatory Management System has been put in place in the form of committees of management consisting of representatives of all

    categories of shareholding employees at the Division (the primary work unit of a tea estate), Factory, Estate and Company levels. Such committees of empowered employees suggest improvements in various matters pertaining to their relevant operations, employee welfare and safety, corporate policies and strategies etc. Relevant information is provided to enable the committees to function effectively.

The primary goals of the Participatory Management System are as follows:
  • To constantly improve productivity and quality in every activity of the company for the overall benefit of the enterprise, the employees and the community.
  • To give employees a better understanding of their role and importance in the working of the company.
  • To involve all levels of employees in the decision making process whereby a sense of ownership is fostered.
  • To satisfy employees urge for self-expression