Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (P) Ltd.
  • Letchmi

    Elevation : 5011 Feet above Mean Sea Level
    Certifications: Rainforest Alliance, ETP

    Letchmi Estate is situated in the south-west part of the beautiful Kanan Devan Hills. This part of the district receives high rainfall and occasional frost during the winter, and the average annual rainfall for the estate is around 170 inches. With the amalgamation of Letchmi and Sevenmallay Estates to form Letchmi Estate on 1st April 2005, the total tea area of the estate became 1075 Ha. The total area of the estate at 2068 Ha. consists of tea, energy plantation, jungle and other area in Viriparai Division, which was opened in 1991.

    Letchmi Estate took its name from the Goddess Letchmi, while the Sevenmallay Divisions’ name is attributed to the Hindu God Sivan and 'malley' denoting a hill which, with the passage of time and usage got designated as Sevenmallay.


    Parvithy Division of this estate was one of the first areas to be planted with tea in the High Ranges, and was opened in the year 1900 by one of the pioneer planters, Mr. A.H. Sharp. The factory in Sevenmallay that had undertaken Leggcut manufacture, was closed down in 1992. The Letchmi Factory was established in 1902 and presently manufactures premium CTC teas.

    The elephant lake which is a man-made lake, is situated in Letchmi Estate, and is a watering hole for innumerable wild life, including Tigers.